About Us

Whitley Brook Pet & Equine Crematorium is part of The Pet Crematoria. The Pet Crematoria currently has seven dedicated pet crematoriums, each serving their local communities, veterinary practices, hospitals and animal charities.

- A family of Crematoria - 

Over many years, every individual crematorium that is part of the The Pet Crematoria has established an excellent local reputation providing uncompromising care and compassion. Adhering to Pet Cremation with Confidence standards, Whitley Brook Pet & Equine Crematorium provides the assurance that your beloved pet is treated with care and dignity and that the ashes returned to you are exclusively those of your pet.

The Pet Crematoria is a brand of CVS Group plc who are the largest integrated veterinary services provider in the UK. CVS’s success is derived from the passion their 5,000 staff, including 1,200 vets, have for pets. While being part of a larger organisation, nearly fifty percent of the some 850 veterinary practices and hospitals The Pet Crematoria serves are independently owned. This reinforces the our commitment to work with the veterinary community and for vets and pet owners to receive assured levels of service from a reputable company where governance is core. 

Supporting Pet Owners

Whitley Brook was founded in 1996. As pet owners, we understand that the bonds that tie us to our pets are truly wonderful and how heart breaking it can be when we lose them. We are never ceased to be amazed by the devotion and unconditional love of our companions and how they enrich our lives.

The relationship we have with a pet is truly unique and we are honoured to have supported so many other pet owners at such a difficult time.

Stories of Unconditional Love

During our time, we have met many lovely people from different backgrounds and different stories of their pets. Knowing that we have given pet owners the chance to say farewell to their beloved companion is important to us and the heart warming stories we hear of true friendship reminds us just how special our pets are to us. We hope to support you in the same way when you need us most.

Handled With Care and Compassion

'We can't thank you enough for the way you handled our pet’s recent cremation. Everything you did was quite simply perfect! You handled it all with care and compassion. 

We love Pip very much and the original thought of leaving him behind with strangers frightened us. If we had but known at the time he was to be in the hands of such kind people it would not have worried us at all.

Let me say once again; every bit of what you did for us could not have been done any better.

Thank you all so very much.’

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