Pet Memorials

If you posted a pet memorial before 23rd June 2016 please click here to download a PDF to view the memorial pages from our old website.

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Click on the memorials below to see the tributes made in loving memory of the pets who are no longer with us and are greatly missed by our clients...

Punchy the Rabbit

Punchy - Loved by Deb J Atkins

Rabbit - aged 3

Passed 01/11/2019

Ollie  knight the Dog

Ollie knight - Loved by Kelly knight

Dog - aged 14

Passed 08/10/2019

Biscuits the Cat

Biscuits - Loved by Michael Ashford

Cat - aged 9

Passed 30/09/2019

George the Dog

George - Loved by Emma Stockwell

Dog - aged 14

Passed 05/10/2019

Frankie the Cat

Frankie - Loved by Leah Fitzgerald

Cat - aged 3

Passed 09/10/2019

Rusty the Dog

Rusty - Loved by JANET AND JOHN Edwards

Dog - aged 4

Passed 07/11/2016

Tia the Dog

Tia - Loved by Paula Carpenter

Dog - aged 15

Passed 22/09/2019

Snowy the Dog

Snowy - Loved by Becky Brannon

Dog - aged 16

Passed 08/09/2019

Smudge the Cat

Smudge - Loved by Elizabeth A Venus

Cat - aged 11

Passed 01/08/2019

Pugsley the Dog

Pugsley - Loved by Clare Mclaughlin

Dog - aged 10

Passed 21/03/2018

Clive the Cat

Clive - Loved by Terri Ann Grice

Cat - aged 8

Passed 02/09/2019

Mollie Moo the Dog

Mollie Moo - Loved by Jenn Jones-Parry

Dog - aged 20

Passed 11/11/2017