Pet Memorials

If you posted a pet memorial before 23rd June 2016 please click here to download a PDF to view the memorial pages from our old website.

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Click on the memorials below to see the tributes made in loving memory of the pets who are no longer with us and are greatly missed by our clients...

cody the Dog

cody - Loved by kathy bernadette bevan

Dog - aged 9

Passed 28/11/2016

Buster the Dog

Buster - Loved by Katy Lilly

Dog - aged 13

Passed 20/03/2017

Smokie bailey the Lizard

Smokie bailey - Loved by clarissa bailey

Lizard - aged 10

Passed 22/02/2017

Tuskerbister Lollipop   LOLLY the Horse

Tuskerbister Lollipop LOLLY - Loved by Taylor B Pearson

Horse - aged 14

Passed 27/02/2017

Charlie the Dog

Charlie - Loved by Gary J Brownrigg

Dog - aged 15

Passed 25/02/2014

Barney the Dog

Barney - Loved by Emma Worthington

Dog - aged 12

Passed 18/02/2017

Cassie the Dog

Cassie - Loved by Jane Louise Whitehurst

Dog - aged 12

Passed 13/02/2017

Max the Dog

Max - Loved by Dave, Louise & Emilie Jenkins

Dog - aged 13

Passed 15/02/2017

Dixie the Rabbit

Dixie - Loved by Lisa Platt

Rabbit - aged 3

Passed 07/02/2017

Mr Macattack the Horse

Mr Macattack - Loved by Amy Burton

Horse - aged 11

Passed 22/01/2017

Heidi the Horse

Heidi - Loved by Natalie Slater

Horse - aged 24

Passed 07/02/2017

Archie the Dog

Archie - Loved by Colin Slinger

Dog - aged 6

Passed 23/01/2017